Stocklooker Jan 28 2013

January 28, 2013 · comment

written by Henry

Would it help you to follow the industries that I see that are starting to bottom long-term, or that are about to make a large move up or down?

Would it help if I identified stocks that were about to move higher, AND that had earnings that supported higher prices?

And would it help if I showed you why and where I am entering a stock, and why/where I am exiting, offering target prices as well?


I will be e-mailing a newsletter 2x/month, with occasional intra-day alerts, and the service will cost $19/month.

If you have $25,000 to trade, and have a brokerage account open at Ditto Trade, you will also be able to follow my trades live, opt in and out of specific trades, or even go to work/golf and let the dittotrade system automatically ditto my trades and get the same execution prices that I will be getting.

More details will follow this coming weekend, Feb 3.

Stocklooker May 16 Gold Update

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Stop on AEM is 31.94

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Stocklooker Mar 31 Performance

by Henry 03.31.2012

Year to Date Numbers 14.3 % gain, based on allocating 10k per trade. Win: Loss ratio:  1 : 1   (47 wins, 47 losses) average loss  = .5%  = ($248) maximum trade loss =  1.8% = ($891) average win = .8% ($400) maximum win = 7% ($3520) average hold time = approximately 3 days   Other […]

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Stocklooker Mar 27

by Henry 03.27.2012

A lot to cover…..topics : 1) metals, 2) graphene stocks, 3) IPO stocks, 4) trading portfolio: I am going to get more aggressive 5) Mar 28 buys 5) I held off buying a lot today (Mar 27) because I saw weakness coming…..but I plan to buy as long as the Fed prints; commodities are looking better, rare […]

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